Similarities and Differences Among the Variants

france & denmark: father = merchant
grimm: father = king
carter: gambler
disney: inventor

all: no mother

all: meals provided

disney, denmark, grimms,and france: beast  makes beauty stay forever
carter: just wants to see her naked

disney: go anywhere but the west wing
denmark: only go in the rooms and gardens
france and carter: go anywhere on the grounds
carter: none

france: children= daughters and sons
denmark & grimm: daughters
disney & carter: 1 daughter

france & grimm: youngest daughter= most beautiful
denmark, carter, & disney: one most beautiful

disney & carter: brown hair

france, denmark,carter, and grimms: rich
disney: comfortable

denmark: horse
grimms: frog
france & disney: beast
carter: tiger

disney, denmark, & france: father gets caught by beast and sends beauty in his place
grimms: beauty promises to be with frog if he gets her plaything
carter: father gambles at a card game with beast and losses beauty

france, denmark, & disney: beauty is kind
grimms: beauty is mean
carter: wild

carter & france: beauty fear from beast eating her
denmark, disney, and grimms: none

france & disney: library for her
grimm, carter, & denmark: none

disney: beast comes to her rescue from the wolves
grimm: beast rescues Beauty's plaything
carter, france, denmark: none

france: looking glass
denmark, carter, & disney: magic mirror
grimm: none

disney: rose=pink
carter: rose=white
france: rose but not specified
denmark and grimm: none

denmark & france: noon

denmark & france: beauty longs for beast
disney: despised at first - grew to like him
grimms and carter: despises beast

france & denmark: looks in mirror and sees father unhappy/sickly
disney: looks in mirror and sees her father being locked in insane asylum
grimms: none
carter: father well off with bank notes dressed appropriately clean shaven bottle of alcohol and a note from beast

all: horses

disney, grimm, france, denmark: marriage
carter: none

disney & carter: beast has servants
denmark, grimms, and france: none

denmark, france: magically travels through mirror/ring
disney: travels by normal means - horse
grimms and carter: none

france: stays a week longer [sisters]
denmark: stays a day longer [father]
disney: no time limit
grimms and carter: none

france: dream that beast was dying in a garden
denmark & disney: mirror showed her beast- stretched out on her favorite bench in the garden/roaring
grimms and carter: none

france and denmark: beast disappears into prince after beauty states her love
disney: beast dying because last rose pedal is falling as belle says she loves him he turns into a prince in front of her
grimms: frog thrown against the wall and becomes a prince
carter: beast remains a beast

france: wicked fairy casted a charm
disney: good enchantress casted a spell to teach a lesson
denmark: wicked stepmother enchanted
grimms: wicked witch enchanted
carter: none

france: break the charm by beast marrying a beautiful virgin
disney: break the spell by having someone love him before the last rose pedal fell
denmark: break the enchantment by a beautiful young girl would promise to stay with him
grimms: break the enchantment by being killed
carter: none

denmark, france, and disney: beauty and the beast/frog lived happily ever after
grimms: prince redeemed and happy
carter: none