What was the Beast's actual name?

The Beast's name is never given in the movie. According to the FAQ on Disney's official website, Beast has no name.

Though some fans have erroneously claimed that "The Disney Encyclopedia" calls him Adam, this is not true. "The Disney Encyclopedia" does not give ANY name for Beast.

Adam is believed to have come from one of the early sketches done of the Beast. However, this could have been the artist's name. In the audio commentary, the group jokingly calls out Tyrone, Bob, and Steve when they mention that no one ever thought to give him a name.

What is Gaston's Fate at the End of the Movie?

In the film's finale, Gaston falls off the castle and down the gorge. It would seem that he would die from this; however, it is not unheard of for people to survive a fall of that height. Richard White (the actor who voiced him) once said that he himself was unsure if Gaston had survived the fall. In a 2002 DVD commentary, however, the screenwriters confirmed that Gaston is indeed killed at the end.

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