Brittany, Will, and Courtney

various authors were doing: Jeanne-Marie Leprince de beaumont, brothers grimm, angela carter, christian bay, and walt disney

important motifs:

important elements:

important aspects:

important archetypes: see archetypes page

propps functions: see propps functions page

time/origin play into its purpose/intent:

introduction: see introduction page

activity: creating your own version or making a recipe  and then games

lesson plan:  
information we plan on presenting: introduction, the variants, illustrations, quotes, similarities & differences, poems, songs, games, and videos

how we present it: website

accomplish in class: We hope to accomplish effectively teaching the variants but also make it fun.

points in class discussion: analytical analysis and similarities and differences

activity: create your own version or making a recipe and then games

implemented by: activity 1: breaking up into groups and creating it and activity 2 using an online website individually

after completion: hope that people will continue to use the site