Beauty and the Beast by icantbewithouther

Beauty and the beast inside

his smile so sweet and gentle

my eyes so deep and dark

without a sign of hope or spark

people say they look so good together

the others just haven't seen

all of my beast against his beauty

he looks in the mirror, as it cracks

maybe nothing can be changed

he knows he's in love perhaps

Can we do it at all

everything just the two of us

without anything or anyone

Can you beat the beast

fight for the beauty

against it all, at the least

My demon inside

I silently cry

praying for my prince

Can you beat the beast

here in your perfect eyes

all i can see

Can i beat my demon

can you love me still

after battling the beast for so long

Beauty and the beast inside

my love for him so strong

my eyes fill with tears

my mind fills with fears

Can my prince

face the beast

take a taste of life

and take me by his side

Can beauty and the Beast conside?