Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont

"I am not called 'my liege'....My name is beast and I don't like flattery, and I prefer people say what they think. So don't try to move me with your compliments." 

It is neither good looks nor great wit that makes a woman happy with her husband,
, but character, virtue and 
kindness, and the Beast has all those good qualities."(40)
The moral: beauty is only skin deep and it takes someone beautiful to realize that.

"A fool never knows that he is stupid."

A fool is to dumb to realize that he is indeed a fool. 

"I like you better, even with your looks, than men who hide false, corrupt, and ungrateful hearts behind charming manners."

Someone who is ugly yet truthful and caring will go farther than those who are beautiful and misleading. The truth will eventually come out and when it does people will like those who have been telling the truth, not trying to be someone they are not. This being said it goes with the moral of the story, beauty is only skin deep and what is important is the truth of what's inside.