Beauty and the Horse by J Christian Bay

"beauty asked for nothing at all"
This quote by itself, not knowing that Beauty is a character can be looked at
from multiple point of views. Beauty, on the outside, asked for nothing at all because in the mind of some that are beautiful, physical appearance is all they need. However beauty on the inside, asked for nothing not because they feel they are above everyone else and have all they could ever want but know 
the truth behind beauty. They know that they do not to ask for a beautiful physical appearance because someone will love them for their heart and for who they are on the inside.

"that you will give me the daughter whose name is beauty; if you refuse, i will take your life"

"Beauty came and bid him welcome"

"i am willing to follow you, father, and am always glad to help you"

shows her inner beauty

"beauty felt so lonely that she often longed for noon" (noon=when horse comes home)

"a mirror in which you can see all that you are thinking of"

reoccurring image=mirror

" 'she told him of the bad state of affairs, wishing that he would allow her to return and nurse the poor father during his illness' 'if you will promise to come back you may return and stay for three days; but under no condition must you break your word.  Before going to bed, you must place the mirror under your pillow saying i wish to be home tomorrow.  Then your wish will be fulfilled.  When you desire to return you must do likewise."

" 'as he wished her to stay with him a few days longer, she complied, thinking that no harm would come from it''she saw the horse stretched on the ground in front of the bench which was her favorite seat in the garden' 'i wish to be at te palace tomorrow morning' "

"the horse vanished and a beautiful young prince stood before her"

"he now told her that both he and the whole land had been enchanted by his wicked stepmother who had converted him into a horse"

"he wanted to marry beauty and live in the palace which belonged to him"