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Beauty and the Beast Variants

Beast: “I may be a beast but I have a good heart.”  Beauty: “Many men are pleasant to look upon but their hearts are truly beastly.” 


The fairy-tale Beauty and the Beast (French: Lab Belle et la Bete) is a well known fairy tale particularly for the Disney film version released in 1991. One of the earliest publish versions of this tale is Le Prince de Beaumont's variant published in 1756. The tale differs from variant to variant. A broad summary would being with Once upon a time there was a handsome prince. He was very wealthy and very fortunate yet very unappreciative. One night an old woman came to the castle and the prince selfishly dismissed her because of her distressed looks. The old woman in hope to teach the Prince a lesson that Beauty is only skin deep and it is the beauty that is found within that matters, she turned him into an ugly beast. One night a father of a character named Beauty lost his way and came across a castle. Innocently he got into some troubles with this beast normally by picking a rose form the garden and in return the Beast asked for his daughter, Beauty. Beauty was named for her inner beauty, although in most variants she is also very physically beautiful. In the end Beauty sees the beast for who he really is, for his heart and for what is inside despite his hideous appearance. Beauty normally falls in love with the Beast only to learn that he is truly a handsome prince and they live happily ever after.

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